Stuffed Clammish Seaweed Seitan

Not sure how to name these new things yet.

More in the quest for vegetarian meat substituted meals bringing exciting eating options to the world in a way that might be more sustainable than everybody actually eating meat. Certainly it would be more “humane”.

Anyway, I love clams, clam chowder, and especially stuffed clams. And as I ate a stuffed clam from the Sprouts deli it occurred to me that meats like shell fish seem absolutely ideal for replication seitan. So here is my first attempt at a stuffed clam replacing a re-seasoned and reshaped chickny style seiten for our clam and seaweed stuffed into muffin tins for the shell.

Flavor-wise I was not brave enough infusing a seaweed flavor into the seitan to bring that oceany thing into the fake clam. And ironically when I want nice soft seitan for a chicken texture I often end up with a dryer tougher beefy texture and in classic form I managed to get a nice chickeny texture when I wanted something tougher and chewier.

However the overall result was quite nice and proved that the whole concept was totally doable. I will be retrying this in the future but was in no way disappointed with the result. Not exactly what I was shooting for but delicious nonetheless. This first batch came out like a seafoody type stuffing more than the nice chewy stuff clam with some breading ration I wanted.



















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