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zui HTML5/CSS3 boilerplate: structure

Where the HTML5 BoilerPlate and Normalize.css projects leave off zui boilerplate defines a specific markup structure for optimal semantics in order to maximize consistency, speed up development, and ensure stable progressive techniques are implemented without risk and minimal hassle. | read on »
Technically accurate and annoying, Chrome doesn't find the unicode character if it doesn't exist in the fonts you've chosen

Google Chrome won’t render unicode characters

While attempting to use a groovy "star glyph" I discovered that Google Chrome was not rendering some extended unicode characters while all the other browsers I test were. Turns out Chrome isn't being helpful with extended Unicode characters but there is an easy fix for your site and your browser. | read on »

Backwards compatibility in web development is silly!

Fed up with ten year old draft specs and DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME warnings from other web professionals I make a perhaps infallible argument for why you should be using all the latest browser technologies (and every browser version older than a month and the people who use them can go to hell). | read on »

No more CSS3 browser vendor specific prefixes (please)

As of today all the major browsers (mostly) support the pure straight css3 declarations for the following css3 features. And because I have gone a little bit out of my way to make my current site completely html5 without any unnecessary (or annoying) javascript hacks or unpleasant backwards compatibility concerns I have elected to forego all browser vendor prefixes for these "experimental" features. | read on »