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Additional Image Sizes (zui) WordPress Plugin version 0.1.5

Last night I posted a much improved version of the Additional Image Sizes (zui) WordPress plugin version 0.1.5.  Also available on github in plugin form or as an included appliance in the Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base platform/framework development plugin for WordPress. Most notably… forms save their values added a link to continue processing in the message output log added the ability to simulate the resize so you can see what will happen before you do it added the ability to replace predefined WordPress sizes instead of adding new images (when Settings > Media sizes change) and added the ability to[...] | read on »

New WordPress plugin “Additional Image Sizes (zui)”

We’ve all been there. You need a special size of image for your WordPress install. Maybe it’s a unique dimension for a slideshow. Maybe you have multiple featured posts with thumbnails section that use different sizes of thumbnails. Whatever your reason, instead of letting WordPress load the larger image and downsize it on the fly you can use the “new” WordPress plugin “Addtional Image Sizes (zui)” to create the new image sizes and make copies of and resize all the images you’ve already uploaded so they all have the new size. Get the source code for Additional Image Sizes (zui)[...] | read on »

WordPress plugin developers: please debug ;)

I like to run my development server with full error notices and WP_DEBUG set to TRUE. Unfortunately a lot of plugins have various E_NOTICE error messages and WordPress deprecated function calls. So while I am trying to make sure my code is error free it often makes it impossible to use the WordPress admin or reasonably develop my own projects due to the quantity of errors being output all over. See the Codex and Theme/Plugin Review for tips and best practices. Please?!?!?!? Thank you. End gripe ;)

Twenty Eleven demo theme up for Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base WordPress plugin

UPDATE: Seeing that the 3.2 WordPress update actually included a new default theme called twenty eleven this tongue-in-cheek demo of KST via a completely redone version of “twenty ten” called twenty eleven is kind of moot. So a new KST demo theme will be built. Check out the new demo site currently showing the Twenty Eleven demo theme we were developing Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base with. The demo blog includes the Theme Unit Tests from the the theme review team as well as posts demonstrating and discussing some of the various features of Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base.

Need to update my site and blogs now?

So now that I have this nifty Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base plugin project I really need to redo my entire “web presense” at to use it.  That should be a cool demo in and of itself since there are two blogs (this one and the comic) and a whole lot of other disparate content pages and some random app type stuff (er I think at least). Not sure when I’ll find time to do that but now I feel stupid talking about a WordPress tool I’ve made that I’m not even using on my own sites. One blog at[...] | read on »

“Applied” for Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base to be hosted in the WordPress Plugin directory

I really am such a dork. First I thought I was “cool” because I finally had a reason to have a github account. And now I’m all giddy about the idea of the Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base plugin being hosted on Woohoo! I felt like I was applying to some prestigious institution (and it may very well be) but the people at plugin review central are probably just going to think I am a nut job. Below is the contents of my “application” for KST to be hosted at ;) —————————— Current description on the github project: –[...] | read on »

Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base development plugin for WordPress almost “done”

Well this is the first time I’ve really mentioned Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base anywhere except to friends and whoever might have stumbled onto the source code and wiki at github. But I’ve created a development “platform”, you might also call a “framework”, for developing and enhancing WordPress theme and plugin development. It’s called Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base. So named because is indeed full blown HTML5 madness born out of HTML5 Boilerplate, but most important is the BASE part of the name. I am still relatively new to WordPress development but once I got past some the hoops and idiosyncrasies of WordPress development[...] | read on »