zui Additional Image Sizes WordPress Plugin

Create additional image sizes (in addition to the predefined WordPress defaults thumbnail, medium and large size that are default) for your WordPress site/blog.

It will also resize the predefined WordPress sizes if the size in Media > Settings has been edited.

Version 0.1

A little background

This WordPress plugin was originally created by Walter Vos under basically the same name. Unfortunately over time and WordPress udpates some bugs were discovered. After attempting to contact Walter with no luck regarding the bugs and then seeing other people finally discovering and posting similar issues on the WordPress forums and ultimately when I wanted to use the functionality of this plugin in the core of the Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base WordPress plugin it was time to just rerelease it with updates.

I fixed the most serious errors (which were actually fairly minor but looked fatal to the site/blog owner), fixed a lot of E_NOTICE errors from undefined variables, optimized the regenerate method a bit to speed things up, and added the ability to resize the predefined WordPress image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large) if they were edited.

While this is really mostly a patch on the original plugin, significant portions were rewritten or modified to put all the functions as static methods on a generic class so that others could use the functionality any way they see fit (optimized and leaner methods are forthcoming) in their own projects/plugins. So the new plugin uses a new class ZUI_WpAdditionalImageSizes to do the work and the plugin init simply creates a page and does some install/uninstall cleanup. THAT SAID new bugs could have been introduced that were not in the original and I have opted to simply reset the version number to 0.1 to reflect this. But it should be stable.